Who is going to prepare a triple coctail?
Porn and mozart, add something else.

I know, a NO, or a KO, or what ever a nock out is wrote
K.O. sounds like this.
OK, you said the magic word. OK.

O kay, O cai, O key, O quei, waw kay, O chei, o cue e, oh que i
O Killed equals O.K, Oke is Oll Korrect
Otto Kaiser, Oscar Kevin, Olá Kalá, Occhiali,
Au quai, Och aye, Oak A
O.K <<>> K.O
Le Roi oc-et-Non
Mas locución Okay, “oll wright” misspellings said.
ohne Konjektur.
Yes, ok.
No, i am not. Are you?...
Ok, …don’t… get… me… started… ...again

transparent words , between this word and this word,
words that are in the white space:
or blue, as this being blank

new york